Sunday, July 26, 2015



For those that participated in Saturday's run, check out the elevation profile above. That run took guts, determination, strength, and fortitude (strength of mind that lets a person meet danger, pain, or hardship with courage)!!! The icing on the "cake" was hanging out with  a herd of goats and hearing Coach Eisele speaking to them!

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mammoth Packing List & Tentative Menu

Athletes & Parents,

Just over a week to lift-off!

Please follow the links below for the packing list and tentative menu. If you have issues or suggestions with the menu, please let me know.

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Packing List

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Training Plan for 7/20-8/2

Athletes & Parents,

Please follow the link below for the next two week training plan.

We are now moving into some slightly more intense training, with an eye toward our competition season. Up to this point you have been working on building a solid base of fitness and muscular strength. The tempo runs that you see scheduled will help bridge the base training we have been doing with the competition season training to come.

Keep running!
Coach Horton

Training Plan 7/20-8/2
Lauren's Plan 
Belle's Plan

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Taking Care of Business

Athletes & Parents,

Below you will find a number of "business" related items that need our attention:

- Sports physicals & paperwork: If you have not completed the sports physical and paperwork, I strongly suggest you get that done ASAP. Coach Proodian will not let you run the time trials without completed paperwork. If you have your forms completed, I can collect them and get them to Coach Proodian.
Physical Forms

- Please follow the updated link for our Mammoth Camp. I have extended the date for final payment and paperwork to the 24th of July. The consent for medical treatment, athletic consent, and liability waiver forms can be found at the links below. Please print, sign, and turn into Coach Horton.
Mammoth Info 
Consent for Medical Treatment Form
Liability Waiver 
Athletic Consent Form 

- USATF Membership: If you haven't done so already, please join USATF and list San Clemente Track Club (# 33-0673) for your team affiliation. For those that have already joined USATF, or need to change from Mario's or Jerry's club, call (562) 941-2621 or email to change your club affiliation. Once you have completed this process, please let me know. If it is not completed by this Friday, the 17th, you won't be allowed to train with us:(

- Summer Nights Track Series: Coach Eisele and I would like to take our group down to San Diego for a fun all comers track meet ( on the evening of Wednesday, July 22nd. We will be leaving the high school lot at approximately 5:00 and returning around 9:00. The girls will be racing the 3000m at 7:15 and we will then stop for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen on the way home.

That's all for now!
Coach Horton

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mammoth High Altitude Camp Information

Athletes & Parents,

Please follow the link below for information regarding our upcoming training camp.

Looking forward to High Sierra training!
Coach Horton

Mammoth Info

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

United States Track and Field Membership and Affiliation

Athletes & Parents,

If you have not already done so, please join USATF ( and list your affiliation as San Clemente Track Club (# 33-0673) no later than this Sunday, July 17. We won't be able to allow you to train with us without the USATF membership/club affiliation.

Coach Horton

P.S. For those that have already joined USATF, you have to call the Southern California USATF off ice at (562) 941-2621 to change your affiliation.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Training Plan for 7/6-19


Please follow the link for the next two week training plan. Please note the recovery week coming up as well. You have been working hard and deserve it!

Please make sure that you are eating well and staying hydrated.
Coach Horton

Weeks 7/6-19