Sunday, July 24, 2016

Training Plan 7-25-8/7 & Updates

Athletes & Parents,

As we come to the last few weeks of summer (boo hoo), schedules are getting busy, but we want to make the most of the relatively open days to finish laying the foundation for XC season!

Please see the following updates and follow the links to stay informed:

- Do not forget your clearance forms for the TT on Monday, July 25th
- Check out the calendar and make sure you don't schedule appointments, trips, etc. on meet days
- Mammoth Campers, please make sure you have appropriate footwear for running trails, etc.
- For those not attending camp, Coach Eisele will finalize the training plan by the end of this week
- We will be doing our last practice race on August 20th at the Wild Duck 5k in Oceanside. Please see the race flyer below. 
- Please note that the 10 person team for the Cool Breeze race on 9/3 will be made up of the top 10 times from the TT. The Cool Breeze race will then be used to identify the Varsity team for the Woodbridge Invitational on 9/17
- If you do not have XC racing flats, please let me know and we can arrange a time to go as a group to purchase shoes (I'd like everyone to have their flats before the Wild Duck race)

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Training Plan 7/25-8/7
Anezka's Colorado Training
Summer/Fall XC Calendar
Wild Duck Flyer
Mammoth Packing List
Mammoth Parent Info
Mammoth Consent for Treatment
Mammoth Liability Waiver

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Mammoth High Altitude Training and Adventure Camp

Dear Athletes & Parents,

Below you will find the packing list for Mammoth Camp. I will be distributing the medical/release/consent forms on Monday the 18th. Please complete and return to me no later than Friday, July 22nd. The final roster for camp will decided upon by Saturday, July 16th, and final deposits of $300 will be due on the 22nd as well.

If you have any questions, please let know!

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Mammoth Flyer
Mammoth Packing List
General Camp Info

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Full SPEED Ahead!

Athletes & Parents,

Training during the coming weeks will get more specific and intense! Please be sure to hydrate, fuel, and rest well! Also, if you have any aches or pains, please make sure to communicate with your coaches so we can modify your workouts.

Below you will find the link to the training for the next two weeks. The last week of July will be a cutback/recovery week to allow you to better absorb the intense training you have been doing recently.

Finally, please make sure you complete your athletic physical in the next two weeks. The first team try-out for Coach Proodian is on the 25th and you can't run unless your paperwork is complete!

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Training Plan 7/11-24
Anezka Haiti Training