Sunday, December 27, 2015

2016 Track Meet Schedule


A few of you have asked about the schedule for track season. Please follow the link below to check it out. Also, please share it with your parents.

Keep running,
Coach Horton

2016 Track Schedule

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Thursday, December 24, 2015

SCTC 1st Annual Joshua Tree Mini Camp Recap


Below you'll find a link to a video documenting our mini-camp in Joshua Tree.

Coach Horton

Joshua Tree Mini-Camp Video

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Training Plan 12/14-12/27


Please see the link below for the next two weeks of training.

We are starting to build mileage, strength, and coordination as we work through the month of December. Coach Eisele and I understand that December can be a busy month with family commitments. Please make every effort to meet for the group workouts. If you are unable to make it to practice, please be sure to replicate the training on your own. Even though we are months away from our first meet, the foundation you build now will help you achieve the goals you have for track season.

Keep running,
Coach Horton

P.S. If you are unable to make a practice during Winter Break, please text to let me know.

Training Plan 12/14-12/27

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Joshua Tree Camp Info


Please see the following information to prepare for our excursion to Joshua Tree on 12/19:
- Amy
- Belle
- Brittany
- Chandler
-  Ella
- Katina
- Mia
- Nicole
- Reagan
- Sara
Parent Chaperones:
- Coach Horton
- Mr. & Mrs. Schultz
- Saturday 12/19:
- Meet at the HS parking lot on Sat, 12/19 at 8:45
- Drive to Santa Rosa Plateau in Riverside County for a beautiful trail run
- Picnic lunch after run (Bring your own lunch & Coach Horton will provide chocolate milk!)
- Drive to Joshua Tree and set up camp
- Climbing, strength training, stretching, & exploring
- Sunday 12/20:
- Morning strength training, stretching & run
- More climbing and exploring
- Hanging out
- Monday 12:21:
- Morning strength training, stretching & run
- Break camp & head home (Back to San Clemente around 2:00)
Packing List:
- Sleeping bag (If you don't have a mummy bag, bring a blanket or comforter as well because it gets cold at night)
- Beanie/ski hat (see above)
- Gloves (both heavy weight and light weight to run in)
- Running shoes & clothes (tights and long sleeved shirts are mandatory)
- Refillable water bottle
- Socks
- Warm shoes (Ugg boots are great)
- Shoes to climb/scramble in
- Ratty old clothes (the rocks out there are rough and will tear your clothes apart)
- Warm PJs
- Pillow
- Sleeping pad (if you have one)
- Flashlight or headlamp
- Please bring a check payable to Todd Horton to Tuesday's workout (Chandler will collect)
*If you or your parents have any questions, please text, call, or email (

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Monday, November 30, 2015

Training Plan 11/30-12/13


Please follow the link below for the two week training plan. Remember to do drills and strides with crisp and clean form.

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Training Plan 11/30-12/13

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Athlete Survey


Please follow the link below to the athlete survey. You can either print it out and bring it to practice on Monday, or simply email me your responses.

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Athlete Survey

Friday, November 20, 2015

Thanksgiving Week


As I mentioned the other day, I understand that holiday and family commitments can make it difficult to meet with the team. With this in mind, I have posted training goals for the upcoming week. If you can meet with me on the days I am holding practice, that would be best, but if you can't, please be sure to get the training done independently. The foundation you are building now is a must if you want to achieve big goals!

Training Plan/Goals 11/21-29:
- At least four 40 minute drill/strength/core/conditioning sessions (a 1-2 mile warm-up jog can be included in this time)
- At least three easy runs of 20 minutes

* I will be meeting those that are available at 9:00 am at the Greenbelt on Tuesday and at 9:00 at San Luis Rey on Wednesday. Please text to let me know if I should expect to see you.

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Monday, November 16, 2015

Preseason Track Conditioning Guidelines


We will be easing back into training with a few weeks of core, strength, agility, and light running. Over the next few weeks, I'll be providing a list of weekly goals that I'd like to see you accomplish. With the holidays approaching and the many commitments that go along with this time of year, it will be up to each athlete to make up for missed training sessions. For those that have big goals for the coming track season, and the XC season beyond, it will be of the utmost importance to accomplish each week's training goals, whether it is with the team or independently when you are unable to attend team sessions. Of course, training with the team is preferable!

On days when Coach Eisele or I aren't on-site, please spend 30-40 minutes doing a variety of the following exercises (I'll be adding to the list as the season progresses):
High Knee Hold:
- As you walk, bring your knee as high as it can go, then grab with your hands and pull gently to your chest.
- Hold for two seconds. (You should be on your  toes)
- Bring your foot to the ground and repeat with your other leg.
High Knee + Butt Kick:
- Start with the high knee.
- Bring your leg back into a butt-kick and hold for two seconds.
- Repeat with other leg.
High Knee Side Holds:
- As you walk, bring your knee as high as it will go.
- One hand grabs the knee while the other grabs the ankle and pulls gently to chest at an angle.
- Hold for two seconds. (You should be on your  toes)
- Walk into a high knee.
- Swing the leg back while extending the opposite arm into the "supergirl" position.
- Repeat with opposite leg.
Walking Hands:
- Start in a push-up position.
- Slowly walk your legs toward the hands.
- Walk your hands back down to the push-up position.
- Repeat 5-10 times.
Single-Leg Squats:
- Prop one foot on a bench.
- Reach other foot out so that when you squat so that your femur is parallel to the ground, your knee does not extend past your toes.
- Squat so that you feel like your glutes are doing a bulk of the work.
- Work up to 20 on each leg.
Jump Rope:
- Jump for 1-3 minutes and 2-5 sets focusing on having quick and light feet. Spend as little time on the ground and feel like you are springing up.
- When doing the "arms" portion, focus on pumping the arms as quickly as possible in a controlled manner.
Plank Core:
- Mountain climbers/ Side to Side/Up and down.
- Reverse (facing up)
- Side (don't forget leg lifts)
Quick Feet
Big Skips

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Sunday, November 8, 2015


Athletes & Parents,

Please see the link below for information about our mini-camp in December.

Keep Running,
Coach Horton

Mini-Camp Flyer

Sunday, November 1, 2015

League Finals & New Training Plan

Athletes & Parents,

We have a big meet on Tuesday. One more trip around the roads and trails of Irvine Regional Park for 2015. You have all worked so hard over the last five months. As your race approaches, remember to focus on all of that hard work. When the going gets tough, you know that you can push back!

Please see the new training plan below. For those that are interested, I may be taking a group out to do a road 5k on Sunday morning before the team party (depending on whether we make it to CIF). We'll talk more at Tuesday's race.

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Training Plan 11/2-15

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Training Plan 10/19-11/1

Athletes & Parents,

Please follow the link below for the next two week training block.

Keep Running,
Coach Horton

Training Plan 10/19-11/1

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

OC Champs Info

Athletes & Parents,

I meant every word I said today at practice.

Running is a beautiful sport. It requires a special person to dedicate months, and even years, to the difficult training which is necessary to reach your potential. The beauty arises in the mere minutes of glory we feel when we have a good race. It reveals itself in the knowledge that we have pushed ourselves past what we thought was possible. It is the realizing that we belong to an exclusive tribe that knows all good things come through hard work.

We have climbed mountains together. We have dragged ourselves through valleys. We have picked each other up when we have fallen. We have celebrated successes and provided shoulders to cry on and we have learned that each passing day brings a new opportunity for challenge and living life.

Go to the start line this weekend knowing all of these things and simply go for it! Your sisters, coaches, and parents will be there for you no matter how well you run, but don't cross the finish line doubting yourself. Finish the race knowing that you gave it your all!

Please see the schedule below:
- Race 9 Frosh/Soph 8:00 am (Madison, Tanlee, Mia, Renee, Amy, Brittany, Rylee, Katelyn)
- Race 13 Varsity 8:52 am (Brooke, Chandler, Hailey, Marina, McKenna, Nicole)
- Race 17 JV 9:44 am (Haleigh, Sara, Sterling)

Please note that parking at OC Champs is a nightmare. If anyone wants to meet at the school at 6:00am to caravan, please let me know.

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Must Watch Videos-Your Competition


I strongly recommend watching the links below. They feature runners from Capo and Trabuco discussing their races at the recent cluster meet. I'd like you to focus on the discussion of their racing, training, and teamwork. These ladies believe in themselves and are willing to "go to the well" for their teammates and coaches.

I think it will also provide motivation, as we work through the tough training over the next few weeks, to know that your competition is doing the same.

Coach Horton


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Training Plan 9/5-18

Athletes & Parents,

Please follow the link below for the next two week training plan. Please note that due to the coming race schedule, we will be having some workouts at odd times. Please check your schedule to make sure you will be able to make the prescribed workouts.

Also, I've included dates for upcoming races so you can plan accordingly:
- OC Champs at Irvine regional Park 10/17
- Mt. Sac at Mt. San Antonio College 10/24
- League Finals at Irvine regional Park 11/3

Keep running!
Coach Horton

Training Plan

Monday, September 21, 2015

More Hip Exercises and Stretches


Some of you have been dealing with hip and glute issues lately. Please see the links below for stretches and exercise you can do to strengthen your hips and glutes.

Keep Running,
Coach Horton

Hip/Glute Exercises (follow the "Next" button at the end of each page)
More Hip/Glute Stretches

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Woodbridge Reflections and 2-Week Training Plan

Athletes & Parents,

What a spectacle the Woodbridge Classic is! Lights, cameras, and action! That is what an XC meet should be.

It really feels like the season has now begun, with two meets under our belts. There were many excellent performances and learning opportunities on Saturday. I hope you can all use your performances as motivation to train harder and smarter so the team as a whole can take  its performances to the next level. We have a fight on our hands in League match-ups against Capo, Trabuco, Dana, and Laguna Hills.

Please follow the link below for the new training plan. In regards to the Dana Hills Invitational, Marina, Brooke, and Chandler have secured Varsity slots for the upcoming League Cluster Meet on Oct. 6th with consistently fast racing, so they will be skipping Dana Hills. All other athletes, especially those aiming to run varsity, will be racing next weekend, with the top four times/athletes making up the remaining Varsity squad for the cluster meet.

Keep Running,
Coach Horton

Training Plan 9/21-10/4

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Memories & Inspirations


If you have a few minutes, check out the video that is linked below.

Who's looking forward to high altitude camp next summer!

Inspiring Video

Keep Running,
Coach Horton

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Athletes & Parents,

You'll find the schedule of races below. Coach Proodian will announce which race you'll be running by Thursday. Please visit for parking information. Also note that parking is off-site this year, so leave ample time to get parked, shuttled to the race, and checked in no later than one hour before your race time. I would suggest leaving San Clemente at least 2.5 hours before your scheduled race.

Course Preview Video

VARSITY Girls Rated:

Hip Flexor Stretches


I noticed that a few of you were looking a little tight in the hips. Below, you'll find a link to some simple stretches to loosen up the hips flexors. Be gentle and don't do too many new stretches prior to Woodbridge.

Keep Running,
Coach Horton

Hip Flexor Stretches

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Laguna Hills Meet Info

Athletes & Parents,

You've trained hard all summer. You've been focused and committed. The recent heat wave has only made you stronger. Now go out and have fun this weekend!

During your races, remember to focus on the moment (i.e. good form, staying relaxed, etc.). If things get tough, you can focus on the training you've done and the great teammates you have. Just remember to stay positive and do your best.

Over the next day, please make sure you are staying hydrated and eating well. On Friday night, have a reasonable (no "loading") dinner, with the majority of the calories coming from carbohydrates. Too much fat or protein and you'll still be digesting the meal the morning of the race. Moderation is key.

On race morning, remember to have a light breakfast about 1.5 to two hours before your race. Sipping your water or electrolyte drink is the way to go. You don't want to be on the start line with liquid sloshing around in your belly.

Please be at the "tent" an hour before your scheduled race time (text me when you arrive/schedule below). I don't want you sitting or standing around in the heat for two hours before your race. Your younger teammates know you'll be with them in spirit. Please arrange to warm-up with your respective classmates since you'll be racing by class. I'm also suggesting you bring an old shirt to warm-up in. You can dip in cold water to keep your core temperature down and ditch it right before your race starts. After your race, please hang out to cheer the older girls on, but bring a hat, sunscreen, and post-race food.

Looking forward to seeing you all Saturday morning!
Coach Horton

Regular Schedule:
Frosh 8:05
Soph 9:05
Jr 10:05
Sr 11:05

Heat Index Schedule (We'll know by tomorrow.):
Frosh 8:00
Soph 8:45
Jr 9:30
Sr 10:15

Saturday, September 5, 2015

And the Season Begins...

Athletes & Parents,

After two and a half months of prep, the 2015 XC season is now upon us! You will finally get the opportunity to test your fitness in race situations and hopefully attain the goals you have set for yourself!

Coach Eisele and I are very proud of the commitment and dedication you have shown this summer as you have prepared for the season. You have all been an integral part of making our training group such a wonderful team!

Below, you will find links to this week's training plan and the Laguna Hills race schedule.

Training Plan 9/7-20
Laguna Hills Schedule

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Week of School Training Plan

Athletes & Parents,

Please follow the link below for next week's training plan. Please note that we need drivers to meet us at Liberty Park on Wednesday at about 3:45.

Keep running!
Coach Horton

Improving Iron absorption
Training Plan 8/24-9/6
Sore Calves Treatment Info 
Tight IT Band Treatment Info
Jenny Simpson "Steps to Beijing" video series (If you want to be inspired and see an amazing athlete, check this out.)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Reflections on Mammoth Camp and Training Plan for the Next Two Weeks

Looking back toward Mammoth from Duck Pass

Our killer crew!
Duck Pass elevation graph.
Katie leading the tempo run cool down.

Just another beautiful day in Mammoth!
After 54 miles, still enough energy to goof around!

Athletes & Parents,

What pleasure and honor it was to share a week in the Sierras will all of you! I am so proud to be working with such a dedicated, hard-working, and fun-loving group of runners/human beings. Each and every one of you that attended camp broke down physical and mental barriers that will help you have your best XC season yet. Beyond the hard work, there were the personal connections and memories you made together that will last a lifetime. Such a great week!!!

Below you will find the link to our training plan for the final two weeks of summer (boo hoo). Please note that we have scheduled a race on the morning of August 22nd (Wild Duck 5k) that will be an important fitness test as we get closer to the XC season. Please make an effort  to join us for the race.

Training Plan 8/10-23

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Training Plans & Hip Exercises


For those that won't be with us in Mammoth, follow the links below to find your training plan.

For those that are experiencing hip issues, follow the link below for suggested strengthening exercises.

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Hip Strengthening

Sunday, July 26, 2015



For those that participated in Saturday's run, check out the elevation profile above. That run took guts, determination, strength, and fortitude (strength of mind that lets a person meet danger, pain, or hardship with courage)!!! The icing on the "cake" was hanging out with  a herd of goats and hearing Coach Eisele speaking to them!

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Mammoth Packing List & Tentative Menu

Athletes & Parents,

Just over a week to lift-off!

Please follow the links below for the packing list and tentative menu. If you have issues or suggestions with the menu, please let me know.

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Packing List

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Training Plan for 7/20-8/2

Athletes & Parents,

Please follow the link below for the next two week training plan.

We are now moving into some slightly more intense training, with an eye toward our competition season. Up to this point you have been working on building a solid base of fitness and muscular strength. The tempo runs that you see scheduled will help bridge the base training we have been doing with the competition season training to come.

Keep running!
Coach Horton

Training Plan 7/20-8/2
Lauren's Plan 
Belle's Plan

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Taking Care of Business

Athletes & Parents,

Below you will find a number of "business" related items that need our attention:

- Sports physicals & paperwork: If you have not completed the sports physical and paperwork, I strongly suggest you get that done ASAP. Coach Proodian will not let you run the time trials without completed paperwork. If you have your forms completed, I can collect them and get them to Coach Proodian.
Physical Forms

- Please follow the updated link for our Mammoth Camp. I have extended the date for final payment and paperwork to the 24th of July. The consent for medical treatment, athletic consent, and liability waiver forms can be found at the links below. Please print, sign, and turn into Coach Horton.
Mammoth Info 
Consent for Medical Treatment Form
Liability Waiver 
Athletic Consent Form 

- USATF Membership: If you haven't done so already, please join USATF and list San Clemente Track Club (# 33-0673) for your team affiliation. For those that have already joined USATF, or need to change from Mario's or Jerry's club, call (562) 941-2621 or email to change your club affiliation. Once you have completed this process, please let me know. If it is not completed by this Friday, the 17th, you won't be allowed to train with us:(

- Summer Nights Track Series: Coach Eisele and I would like to take our group down to San Diego for a fun all comers track meet ( on the evening of Wednesday, July 22nd. We will be leaving the high school lot at approximately 5:00 and returning around 9:00. The girls will be racing the 3000m at 7:15 and we will then stop for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen on the way home.

That's all for now!
Coach Horton

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mammoth High Altitude Camp Information

Athletes & Parents,

Please follow the link below for information regarding our upcoming training camp.

Looking forward to High Sierra training!
Coach Horton

Mammoth Info

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

United States Track and Field Membership and Affiliation

Athletes & Parents,

If you have not already done so, please join USATF ( and list your affiliation as San Clemente Track Club (# 33-0673) no later than this Sunday, July 17. We won't be able to allow you to train with us without the USATF membership/club affiliation.

Coach Horton

P.S. For those that have already joined USATF, you have to call the Southern California USATF off ice at (562) 941-2621 to change your affiliation.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Training Plan for 7/6-19


Please follow the link for the next two week training plan. Please note the recovery week coming up as well. You have been working hard and deserve it!

Please make sure that you are eating well and staying hydrated.
Coach Horton

Weeks 7/6-19

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Vacation Training Plans


You have been working hard to develop your foundation for a strong XC season, and I appreciate the focus and effort you have put into your training so far. I believe that it is important for you to have some vacation time with your family and friends as well.

Please follow the link(s) below to find the suggested vacation training plan to follow so that you can maintain the fitness you have gained so far.

Have a great trip!
Coach Horton

Katelyn's Plan
Cece's Plan 
Amy's Plan 
Hailey's Plan

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Summer Training Plan 6/22-7/5

Athletes & Parents,

Follow the link below for the latest training plan! Looking forward to a great summer!

Coach Horton

Training Plan 6/22-7/5

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Preseason Begins!


We will begin our great XC adventure on Tuesday, May, 26th! Please follow the link below for the new training plan.

Training Plan:

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Thoughts About OC Champs/Meet of Champions and the Final Two Weeks of the Season

Athletes & Parents,

Boy there was a lot of track going on this weekend!

Our little adventure to Cerritos (Amy, Cece, Madison, McKenna, and Shawnie) was interesting. We showed up at Cerritos Stadium to find it devoid of human beings! This, while I sat there with a printout of the heat sheets that was over 20 pages long in my hands. Thankfully we have the internet, and a quick search guided us to the new venue at Gahr HS, which was only 1.5 miles away.

As we strolled leisurely into the stadium, an hour before the first of our heats was scheduled to go off, we overheard the announcer making the last call for the F/S 1600! We shouldn't have been surprised, with the way our morning was going.

After finishing the races, we came to the conclusion that everybody learned something valuable from their events, which they can carry forward in the the upcoming meets and next year. At any rate, we can chuckle about the wild goose chase we went on to get there!

OC Champs is one of the biggest meets in Southern California, and there were some exciting and motivating performances! Haleigh jumped into the "shark tank" with some of the best runners in OC and held her own. As with the girls that raced in Cerritos, I am sure that Haleigh can take a few lessons from her race on Saturday which will help her develop as a racer in the near future. Chandler set a new PR in the 3200 and ran a smart 8-lapper that will also help her become a more experienced racer as well.

The link below will take you to the training plan for the final two weeks of the season. We have one more dual meet this Thursday and then most of you will get a slot in League Prelims next Tuesday. The top 12 in the 800 and 1600 make it to Finals on Friday night, but this could be a tall order in our tough league. For the 3200 finals on Friday night, there are no qualifying heats, but Proodian is still making decisions about who will run there.

Have a great week,
Coach Horton

Training Plan

Sunday, April 12, 2015

New Training Plan & Quick Irvine Summary

Athletes & Parents.

I intended to give an extended summary of the outstanding efforts at the Irvine Distance Carnival, but time got away from me, so I have distilled it down to the following:


If you weren't busy setting a personal record or season best, you were gutting it out after a rough week of illness and down time. It is impossible to take anything but positives away from this meet! YOU ALL MADE COACH EISELE & I PROUD!

Please see the link for the coming weeks' training. With bigger and more important meets further out on the horizon, we will be training through the San Juan Hills meet this week.

See you soon,
Coach Horton

Updated Training Plan

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Updated Irvine Distance Carnival Schedule

Athletes & Parents,

You will find the schedule for the Distance Carnival this Saturday below. It appears they have received quite a few entries so the times have changed a bit. We still don't have specific heat times, but we do have scheduled event times. Please make sure that you are at the stadium, and checked in with us no later than one hour prior to your event time (90 minutes is even better). Also, parking can be a bit of a problem, so please take that into account. We will have the red EZ-UP in the same area as the Irvine Invitational.

F/S 800 9:46-10:05
F/S 1600 Invite 12:10
Open 1600 Invite 12:24
Open 1600 12:38-1:06
F/S 1600 3:33-4:15
F/S 3200 Invite 4:22

See you Saturday,
Coach Horton

Friday, April 3, 2015

Irvine Distance Carnival Anticipated Schedule

Listed below is the tentative schedule of races for the Irvine Distance Carnival. As you are aware, meets don't always run on time. Once we get confirmation of our entries, you can get a better idea of when you'll be running.

8:00am F/S 3200
9:30am F/S 800
11:40am F/S Invite 1600
11:53am Open Invite 1600
12:06pm Open 1600

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Schedule of Remaining Track Meets:

Sat.          4/11 Irvine Distance Carnival
* Current Entries for Irvine:
3200- Chandler
1600- Amber, McKenna, Tanlee, Haleigh B, Brooke, Chandler, and possibly Kristen
800- Madison, Katelyn
Thurs.      4/16 San Juan Hills Dual Meet at SJH
Thurs.      4/23 Capo Valley Dual Meet at Capo
Sat.          4/25 OC Championships (Only accepting two athletes per event with FAST times)
Sat.          4/25 OC Meet of Champions
Thurs.      4/30 Tesoro Dual Meet at home
Tues.        5/5   Sea View League Prelims
Fri.           5/8   Sea View League Finals (must qualify)

Athletes & Parents,

Strong efforts all around today! It is tough when your only competitors are the wind on the backstretch and your own teammates!

Please take a moment to review the schedule of remaining meets. Our season is flying by and we'd like to see all athletes available to participate in as many meets as possible. We understand that other obligations pop up, but please let us know if you won't be able to attend any of the meets listed above.

With Spring Break upon us, our team members will be scattered far and wide. If you are in town, please try to make it to the workouts that Coach Eisele will be leading (I will be out of town until Thursday). If you are away, please try your best to get similar work done on your own.

Have a great day!
Coach Horton

P.S. Please see the updated training plan linked below.

Updated Training Plan

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Thoughts on a tough workout & this week's training plan.


Coach Eisele and I were very impressed today. Saturday morning's workout (3/28) was the best workout, as a TEAM, that you have completed this season! In our opinion, this was the hardest workout yet, followed closely by last Monday's grind. Not only did you all hit your paces, those that struggled at one point or another, gutted it out and finished faster and stronger than every before.

Kristen, after hearing that she was accepted to one of the most prestigious schools in the country, jumped right back into the thick of training and took up her rightful place in the Cheetahs!

Amber, who has been the most consistent member of the Cheetahs, knocked one out of the park yet again. No complaints, just quietly getting it DONE!

McKenna, after saying this workout didn't feel that hard, went out and crushed it like it was easy! That strong race is coming McKenna!

Hailey, after falling off the pace just a bit mid-workout, didn't let the elastic snap and reeled herself back into the Cheetahs, and finished right there. I see big PRs in her future!

Brooke is quickly running herself back into shape and is taking a lead roll in guiding the Peregrines to quick times and strong reps.

Shawnie ran the best workout of the year, even after missing a key workout this week. I see PRs in her future as well!

Haleigh, showing up after a week of illness and missed workouts, gutted it out through most of the workout. I had to make her pull the plug, only so she wouldn't run herself into the ground.

Tanlee, the new kid on the block, latched onto the Peregrines and killed this workout. I kept giving her the option to cut the workout short, but she just dove right into the mix and ran like a champ. More PRs coming for sure!

Katelyn, another casualty of illness, still showed up to give it a go. After a few laps it was clear that she isn't ready for training yet, but she showed grit for even trying!

Madison, the queen of speed, showed her speed, and endurance today, by finishing with a 78 second last 400. Eye of the tiger for sure!

Chandler, who, like Amber, can be counted on for consistently strong efforts, demonstrated her usual endurance, but threw in some flashes of her developing speed with a 79 last 400.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
Coach Horton

Training Plan April Week #1

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Irvine Invitational Summary & Lessons Learned + Training Plan


I bet it feels good to get your first track meet of the season under your belts. Coach Eisele and I saw a lot of good things on Saturday. Hopefully you take away the lesson that there is no need to get stressed about racing. Excited? Yes! Nervous? No!

(I know the following entry looks long, but I promise there is good stuff throughout. So please read it! It took a really long time...)

1600m races:
- There were strong efforts from both Chandler and Haleigh in the f/s 1600m. Chandler ran a steady and patient race to steadily move up through the field. Her nervousness about being the last seed was unnecessary since she finished mid-pack with a new PR!

Haleigh went out fast, demonstrating her natural speed, but struggled with the pace on the second and third laps. She hung tough and used that speed to kick down a number of people in the last hundred meters.
- Lessons Learned: Both speed and aerobic strength are needed in the middle distances. Chandler's aerobic strength carried her to a PR, but she will need to work on her speed to be able to kick it home. Haleigh has the speed, but will need to get her miles in to develop the aerobic strength necessary to carry her through the middle laps.
- Another group of strong efforts by the ladies running in the varsity heats. Kristen continues to chip away at her PR, while McKenna and Hailey are rounding into shape after missing some key workouts due to other commitments or illness.

Kristen ran a gutsy and tactically outstanding race. After letting a few ladies go off the front at an unsustainable pace, Kristen moved to the lead of the chase pack. This is a psychologically difficult position. With the leaders 20m up the track, it is easy to doubt that you can close that gap alone. The safety of the group is hard to leave. Did Kristen take the safe route? Nope! She went for it and quickly reeled the lead group in and fought for victory in the last 100m!

McKenna also ran a smart race and continues to chip away at her times this season. This, even though she missed one of the hardest workouts we have done this season while she was away in Yosemite. Maybe the high altitude did it!

Hailey, using her natural speed and aggressiveness went out at 5:20 pace. This, after battling illness and missing over a week of workouts recently. Gutsy. As with Haleigh, she hung tough and didn't give up.
- Lessons Learned:
- Pacing is difficult; everybody feels good during the first 400. We will continue to do race pace workouts to help you get used to what race pace feels like.
- Patience can pay off. For Kristen and McKenna, they placed well because they didn't freak out when girls went off the front. It is very hard to recover from going out too fast.
- If you think too much, you are likely to not "go for it" and then regret it later. Kristen went for it and reaped the rewards of a new PR.
- There are a lot of races during track season, so these early races are perfect opportunities to try different strategies. No pressure. There will be another race next week, or possibly in two days!

800m races:
- Both Brooke and Shawnie came into their races with many reasons to lack confidence. Both have battled illness and lack of training, and while they could have let this fact negatively impact them, they both attacked their race with guts and determination.

Racing is hard. Every one of your competitors is hurting too, but it is easy to quit when you start to feel the pain. Shawnie dug deep on the last lap and chose to face the pain and finished strong!

Brooke attacked the first lap, and even though she didn't have the fitness to maintain the pace, she battled on and still finished with a respectable time. I also wanted to give Brooke kudos for being such a great teammate to Katelyn. Prior to their race, Brooke was giving advice and helping to soothe Katelyn's nerves.

- Wow! There was a whole lot of goodness in the varsity 800. Pre-race in Irvine, Madison and Katelyn had a bit of nervousness. Did they let that get them down? Nope! Both girls were patient and ran smart races. They didn't let their nerves get the better of them.

Madison, after a week of outstanding workouts, must have rolled into this race with a bit of confidence. She was patient enough not to go out too hard, and then, on the  second lap, she moved up into position and attacked on the back stretch. It would have been very easy for her to doubt herself. Was she going too soon? Did she have enough to carry her home? Well, you never know unless you try, and try she did! At 200m out, she made her move and stormed home for a commanding second place!

Katelyn, running her first true 800m race was a bundle of nerves pre-race, but she went out and executed a smart race plan and also finished strong.  No need to worry about not breaking 3:00!

Amber, after a week in which she was sick, and then two days later busted out a solid tempo effort, chose to run the OC Classic, where she knew she'd be racing tough competition. She ran a gutsy race, especially considering the week she had.

Lessons Learned:
- See the lessons above, and also remember that it is just running!

Training Plan March Weeks 3 & 4

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pre-Race & Race Day Nutrition

Athletes & Parents,

As we finally begin our race season, and the accompanying hard workouts, nutrition becomes even more important than ever. To get the most out of yourself and the workouts you are doing, a proper balance in your diet is paramount. In a later blog entry, I will go into more detail about daily dietary needs and nutrition. For today, I’ll focus on the “night before” and “race-day” nutrition.

The Night Before a Race:
The good old days of the “carb-load” dinner are, if not dead, close to getting there, especially for the middle distances. The night before a race, your meal should consist of foods that are, in fact, relatively carbohydrate-rich. You just don’t want to go crazy with three plates of pasta. Trust me, I know!
Carbs are your main fuel source when running middle distances. Things like a moderate plate of pasta, rice, or similar meal will provide you with the necessary fuel to top off your stores for the next day. Vegetables and fruit can also add carbs and important nutrients. Just watch out for the fiber. You’ve all seen the lines at the bathroom before a race. Fiber only makes things worse. (Note that fiber is an important part of your diet on a regular basis, just not right before a race.)
Protein and fat are also important components of a healthy diet, but they are harder for your body to digest, so while they should be present in a pre-race meal, the amounts should be smaller than normal. (A bit of chicken, fish, tofu, etc. would suffice.) Difficult to digest nutrients cause your digestive system to require more blood, which means there is less blood going to your leg muscles, which means you won’t be running as fast.
To top things off, staying hydrated, even the day before, will make your race day performance more successful! No need to go crazy. Just keep sipping. A common mistake in regards to hydration is drinking loads of water and not getting enough electrolytes. These substances, such as sodium and potassium, are essential for the normal function of your nervous and muscular systems, among others.

    Race eating is one of the most challenging parts of performing well. What to eat and when to eat it can be different for different athletes, but there are some general guidelines that should be followed.
    If you are racing early, you may want to have as little as a banana or a piece of toast and jam 90 minutes to two hours before your race, and then supplement with an easily digestible energy gel 20-45 minutes before your race. Diluted sports drinks can also serve double duty in providing hydration, carbs, and electrolytes. At full strength, these drinks can sometimes cause stomach issues. It is best to sip water/sports drink, but be careful not to go too crazy. You don’t want 20oz of liquid sloshing around in your stomach come race time. The trick here is to have as little blood as possible going to your digestive system while you are racing, so more is carrying oxygen to your legs!
    If you are racing later, have a light breakfast, probably something similar to what you have on a daily basis (oatmeal, cereal, yogurt). Just stay away from the bacon, sausage, and eggs (or any other difficult to digest foods). Just don’t try something radical and new right before a race. Then, follow the suggestions for the early racers.

See you Saturday morning, and run hard to Amber on Friday night!
Coach Horton

P.S. For those that can't make the second run on Saturday afternoon, come prepared to do some additional miles after the 1600m races. We should have a small group getting a post-race workout in, and then you can cheer on your teammates in the 800!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Irvine Invitational Info

The schedule and entries for the Irvine Invitational at Irvine High School are as follows:

F/S 1600m 7:45am heat #101
- Haleigh B.
- Chandler
- Nicole
- Christina

V 1600m 9:13am heat #107
- Kristen
- McKenna
- Hailey M.
- Sara B

F/S 800m 12:46 heat # 121
- Brooke
- Shawnie

V 800m 12:59 heat #122
- Madison
- Katelyn
- Cece

* These times are approximate, but please be at the stadium no later than one hour prior to your heat.
* Find Coach Eisele or Horton when you arrive and get ready for your warm-up.
* For those running the 1600m heats, Coach Eisele and I will be staying for the 800m heats and can give rides home if you'd like to stay and cheer for your teammates. Just remember to bring food and water.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

The week of March 9th (Shhh... it's Cece's B-Day on Wed.)


Please see the updated training plan and note that we will be celebrating Cece's birthday a day early. Surprise, surprise!

Coach Proodian should have entries for Irvine finalized by tomorrow, so we'll keep you posted.

Revised training plan

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Flexibility- Can you touch your toes?

We are not talking about stretchy muscles!

Due to the lock down, we missed out on our first dual meet of the season:( With this in mind, Coach Proodian needs to get some times for everyone prior to filing entries for the Irvine Invite on 3/14. Please see the updated training schedule for the new plan.

As a team building and inspirational activity, we'll be gathering to view McFarland USA on Friday at 7:10. This movie is a "feel good" story about running. What more could you ask for? If you'd like to join us for dinner, we'll be at Wahoo's around 6:20.

Training Plan March Weeks 1 & 2

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Inaugural Post- Training Plan for March Weeks 1 & 2

Athletes & Parents of the "Sisterhood of Sweat", 

I am starting this blog/website to hopefully communicate training plans, etc. in a more successful way (Email is so yesterday!). Please bookmark this site so that you can quickly access training plans and updates.

Coach Horton

Click to view: March Weeks 1 & 2