Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Irvine Invitational Info

The schedule and entries for the Irvine Invitational at Irvine High School are as follows:

F/S 1600m 7:45am heat #101
- Haleigh B.
- Chandler
- Nicole
- Christina

V 1600m 9:13am heat #107
- Kristen
- McKenna
- Hailey M.
- Sara B

F/S 800m 12:46 heat # 121
- Brooke
- Shawnie

V 800m 12:59 heat #122
- Madison
- Katelyn
- Cece

* These times are approximate, but please be at the stadium no later than one hour prior to your heat.
* Find Coach Eisele or Horton when you arrive and get ready for your warm-up.
* For those running the 1600m heats, Coach Eisele and I will be staying for the 800m heats and can give rides home if you'd like to stay and cheer for your teammates. Just remember to bring food and water.

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