Saturday, March 28, 2015


Thoughts on a tough workout & this week's training plan.


Coach Eisele and I were very impressed today. Saturday morning's workout (3/28) was the best workout, as a TEAM, that you have completed this season! In our opinion, this was the hardest workout yet, followed closely by last Monday's grind. Not only did you all hit your paces, those that struggled at one point or another, gutted it out and finished faster and stronger than every before.

Kristen, after hearing that she was accepted to one of the most prestigious schools in the country, jumped right back into the thick of training and took up her rightful place in the Cheetahs!

Amber, who has been the most consistent member of the Cheetahs, knocked one out of the park yet again. No complaints, just quietly getting it DONE!

McKenna, after saying this workout didn't feel that hard, went out and crushed it like it was easy! That strong race is coming McKenna!

Hailey, after falling off the pace just a bit mid-workout, didn't let the elastic snap and reeled herself back into the Cheetahs, and finished right there. I see big PRs in her future!

Brooke is quickly running herself back into shape and is taking a lead roll in guiding the Peregrines to quick times and strong reps.

Shawnie ran the best workout of the year, even after missing a key workout this week. I see PRs in her future as well!

Haleigh, showing up after a week of illness and missed workouts, gutted it out through most of the workout. I had to make her pull the plug, only so she wouldn't run herself into the ground.

Tanlee, the new kid on the block, latched onto the Peregrines and killed this workout. I kept giving her the option to cut the workout short, but she just dove right into the mix and ran like a champ. More PRs coming for sure!

Katelyn, another casualty of illness, still showed up to give it a go. After a few laps it was clear that she isn't ready for training yet, but she showed grit for even trying!

Madison, the queen of speed, showed her speed, and endurance today, by finishing with a 78 second last 400. Eye of the tiger for sure!

Chandler, who, like Amber, can be counted on for consistently strong efforts, demonstrated her usual endurance, but threw in some flashes of her developing speed with a 79 last 400.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,
Coach Horton

Training Plan April Week #1

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