Thursday, September 10, 2015

Laguna Hills Meet Info

Athletes & Parents,

You've trained hard all summer. You've been focused and committed. The recent heat wave has only made you stronger. Now go out and have fun this weekend!

During your races, remember to focus on the moment (i.e. good form, staying relaxed, etc.). If things get tough, you can focus on the training you've done and the great teammates you have. Just remember to stay positive and do your best.

Over the next day, please make sure you are staying hydrated and eating well. On Friday night, have a reasonable (no "loading") dinner, with the majority of the calories coming from carbohydrates. Too much fat or protein and you'll still be digesting the meal the morning of the race. Moderation is key.

On race morning, remember to have a light breakfast about 1.5 to two hours before your race. Sipping your water or electrolyte drink is the way to go. You don't want to be on the start line with liquid sloshing around in your belly.

Please be at the "tent" an hour before your scheduled race time (text me when you arrive/schedule below). I don't want you sitting or standing around in the heat for two hours before your race. Your younger teammates know you'll be with them in spirit. Please arrange to warm-up with your respective classmates since you'll be racing by class. I'm also suggesting you bring an old shirt to warm-up in. You can dip in cold water to keep your core temperature down and ditch it right before your race starts. After your race, please hang out to cheer the older girls on, but bring a hat, sunscreen, and post-race food.

Looking forward to seeing you all Saturday morning!
Coach Horton

Regular Schedule:
Frosh 8:05
Soph 9:05
Jr 10:05
Sr 11:05

Heat Index Schedule (We'll know by tomorrow.):
Frosh 8:00
Soph 8:45
Jr 9:30
Sr 10:15

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