Thursday, December 3, 2015

Joshua Tree Camp Info


Please see the following information to prepare for our excursion to Joshua Tree on 12/19:
- Amy
- Belle
- Brittany
- Chandler
-  Ella
- Katina
- Mia
- Nicole
- Reagan
- Sara
Parent Chaperones:
- Coach Horton
- Mr. & Mrs. Schultz
- Saturday 12/19:
- Meet at the HS parking lot on Sat, 12/19 at 8:45
- Drive to Santa Rosa Plateau in Riverside County for a beautiful trail run
- Picnic lunch after run (Bring your own lunch & Coach Horton will provide chocolate milk!)
- Drive to Joshua Tree and set up camp
- Climbing, strength training, stretching, & exploring
- Sunday 12/20:
- Morning strength training, stretching & run
- More climbing and exploring
- Hanging out
- Monday 12:21:
- Morning strength training, stretching & run
- Break camp & head home (Back to San Clemente around 2:00)
Packing List:
- Sleeping bag (If you don't have a mummy bag, bring a blanket or comforter as well because it gets cold at night)
- Beanie/ski hat (see above)
- Gloves (both heavy weight and light weight to run in)
- Running shoes & clothes (tights and long sleeved shirts are mandatory)
- Refillable water bottle
- Socks
- Warm shoes (Ugg boots are great)
- Shoes to climb/scramble in
- Ratty old clothes (the rocks out there are rough and will tear your clothes apart)
- Warm PJs
- Pillow
- Sleeping pad (if you have one)
- Flashlight or headlamp
- Please bring a check payable to Todd Horton to Tuesday's workout (Chandler will collect)
*If you or your parents have any questions, please text, call, or email (

Keep running,
Coach Horton

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