Monday, November 16, 2015

Preseason Track Conditioning Guidelines


We will be easing back into training with a few weeks of core, strength, agility, and light running. Over the next few weeks, I'll be providing a list of weekly goals that I'd like to see you accomplish. With the holidays approaching and the many commitments that go along with this time of year, it will be up to each athlete to make up for missed training sessions. For those that have big goals for the coming track season, and the XC season beyond, it will be of the utmost importance to accomplish each week's training goals, whether it is with the team or independently when you are unable to attend team sessions. Of course, training with the team is preferable!

On days when Coach Eisele or I aren't on-site, please spend 30-40 minutes doing a variety of the following exercises (I'll be adding to the list as the season progresses):
High Knee Hold:
- As you walk, bring your knee as high as it can go, then grab with your hands and pull gently to your chest.
- Hold for two seconds. (You should be on your  toes)
- Bring your foot to the ground and repeat with your other leg.
High Knee + Butt Kick:
- Start with the high knee.
- Bring your leg back into a butt-kick and hold for two seconds.
- Repeat with other leg.
High Knee Side Holds:
- As you walk, bring your knee as high as it will go.
- One hand grabs the knee while the other grabs the ankle and pulls gently to chest at an angle.
- Hold for two seconds. (You should be on your  toes)
- Walk into a high knee.
- Swing the leg back while extending the opposite arm into the "supergirl" position.
- Repeat with opposite leg.
Walking Hands:
- Start in a push-up position.
- Slowly walk your legs toward the hands.
- Walk your hands back down to the push-up position.
- Repeat 5-10 times.
Single-Leg Squats:
- Prop one foot on a bench.
- Reach other foot out so that when you squat so that your femur is parallel to the ground, your knee does not extend past your toes.
- Squat so that you feel like your glutes are doing a bulk of the work.
- Work up to 20 on each leg.
Jump Rope:
- Jump for 1-3 minutes and 2-5 sets focusing on having quick and light feet. Spend as little time on the ground and feel like you are springing up.
- When doing the "arms" portion, focus on pumping the arms as quickly as possible in a controlled manner.
Plank Core:
- Mountain climbers/ Side to Side/Up and down.
- Reverse (facing up)
- Side (don't forget leg lifts)
Quick Feet
Big Skips

Keep running,
Coach Horton

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