Sunday, October 23, 2016

Riverside Summary & Last Week Before League Finals


There were many solid efforts at the CIF preview meet on Saturday, and with the Varsity team most likely racing there on November 11th for CIF prelims, it was important to study the course for that important race. Thank you to all of the parents that came out to support the teams, they deserve a BIG "thank you" for dealing with the horrible traffic on the way home!

The coming week will be an important one. We will be tapering for League Finals, which means that you will be running fewer miles this week and focusing on turning your legs over (SPEED). Our goal is to deliver you guys to the starting line strong, fresh, and ready to race! With this goal in mind, it will be important for you to eat well, stretch, and get as much rest as possible so your body can absorb the training you have been doing for the last few months. You guys are strong and fit!

Going into League Finals, the Varsity team is neck-and-neck with El Toro. There are rumors that some of the other top teams in Orange County are nursing illness and injury. If you guys can stay focused, strong, and injury free, the potential for winning a League Championship is very real!

Finally, you'll note on the training plan that we will be having a workout after team pictures. Unfortunately, pictures fall on the best day for a final speed workout prior to the League meet. I asked Coach Proodian to do his best to keep the pictures moving smoothly and efficiently so we can get down to business. Coach Eisele and I will shuttle the team to San Luis Rey for the workout. It will be a relatively short practice and we hope to be done by a reasonable hour:)

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Training Plan

P.S. Coach Proodian will be discussing the Varsity positions for League Finals and CIF Prelims by mid-week.

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