Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer Begins/Nutritional Info/Mammoth Camp Info


We are off to a great start! Many of you have already put in some solid training for next Fall's XC season. I'm always impressed and inspired by your commitment and dedication.

You will see that on Monday, 6/13, we will be Tie-Dying shirts after practice.  We'll look very distinctive as we train around town in our custom-made shirts!

Please follow the link below for the next two week training plan. Please note that the "Kestrel" group (developing runners) will have an extra day off each week. I will communicate to you on Monday of each week if you are a Kestrel since placement in this group is fluid and can change from week to week.

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Training Plan 6/13-26
Nutritional Info 
Anezka's Yosemite Training 
Summer/Fall Calendar
Summer Training Flyer 
Mammoth Camp Info

P.S. Please note that summer training with our group is considered private coaching and the "Summer Training Flyer" must be filled out and and returned by 6/25. For those looking for free, public training, please contact Coach Proodian ( for his schedule.

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