Sunday, March 5, 2017

Practice Meet Recap & Looking Forward


Let me begin by saying how impressed I am with the hard work and dedication you have invested in the season so far. It never ceases to amazing me that you guys show up day after day with smiles on your faces ready to train hard!

As with all meets, there were races to be celebrated, lessons to be learned and challenges to overcome. From Belle's solo win, to our group dominating the 800 and 1600, we had many successes. As we move forward, I challenge you all to find it within yourselves to push through the pain of racing. You are all fit right now, and with the proper mental approach, each of you can unlock the speed and endurance necessary to set PRs and attain goals. You must believe in yourself, your teammates, and your coaches!

I'm still waiting on the schedule for Friday night and Saturday. As soon as they are available, I'll post them here.

Below you'll find the link to Monday's CORE/STRENGTH workout. Please complete it before leaving on your run. at 2:40. I'll meet you on Pico by Pico Park.

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Training Plan
Monday's CORE

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