Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Great Quote!!!


Below you will find a quote from Sarah Crouch who was the second American finisher at the recent Boston Marathon. Her eloquent words sum up what competing is all about. Please read and contemplate her words as our season draws to an end and carry them with you as we move into preseason XC training.

For our seniors who are leaving competitive running behind, know that you are a better and more well-rounded human being because of your dedication and commitment to running.

I have also included a link to Sara's blog is you are interested in reading the whole entry..

"Yes, I was in pain, but it was the good kind of pain, the pain that comes with a physical exertion so great that for the final miles it is as though the fingers of human experience outgrow the glove of flesh. At the end of a marathon you are pushing in such a way that neither body nor mind have the desire to continue which allows your spirit to take over.

It’s like you are fasting from comfort, denying yourself the most basic human need of painlessness to find a greater reward. That reward is the knowledge of what you are able to withstand. People who don’t run, who don’t engage in this feeling, are ships that have never left the harbor. We have weathered the storm, been tossed about by the waves, feared that the end would never come and are better for it."

- Sarah Crouch

Sarah's Blog

Keep running,
Coach Horton

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