Sunday, January 31, 2016

Torrance All-Comers Reflection and This Week's Training Plan


Thank you to those who made it to the meet this weekend. It was a good fitness test as we get closer to the season. I'd say you all should be satisfied with your races. We had some unexpected PRs, even though we only have two real workouts in the legs, and for those that didn't get PRs, you were able to practice and learn about possible race strategies for the upcoming season. Remember that the psychological part of racing is almost as important as the physical part. A positive approach to racing is key to successful racing. No fear! Hopefully your races will help keep you motivated you as we get into more intense workouts in the coming weeks. TRACK IS BACK!

Please check out the quote below:

“It used to bug me and I used to put more pressure on myself but recently, if I take care of business and do what I train to do, I’m not going to be disappointed with a bad race,” Hunter said. “I know I’m in shape to [race well]. What everyone else says is kind of irrelevant to me. I just want to go out there, do my best, and if I have a bad race, everyone has bad races [at some point]. People are putting pressure for me to run sub-4:00 and obviously that’s there because I ran 4:02 last year. That’s expected and I hope to improve and run fast.”

Drew Hunter to after breaking the 50+  year old HS record for the 3000m (7:59).

Please remember that we will be  doing another all-comers meet on Feb. 20th at El Toro HS. For this meet, if you'd like to run in something other than the 1600, please let me know, so we can plan accordingly.

Please follow the link below for this week's training plan. Please note the different meeting times for the A & B group on Saturday at San Luis Rey park. We will discuss how that will work at practice this week.

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Training Plan 2/1-7

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