Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Season Draws Near: Upcoming Meets, Rest, Nutrition, and This Week's Training Plan


We are less than a month away from the official start of the season. With this in mind, our training will be getting more intense. As I have stated before, proper nutrition and rest are paramount to staying healthy and having a good season. Please do your best to make sure you are taking care of yourself!

In regards to training, it is also very important that you are running the correct paces during workouts. We have a variety of different fitness levels in our group, and it is important that you are not trying to run paces that are far outside of your current fitness. Workouts will be hard, but you don't want to be "going to the well" too often or you'll break down.

We will be participating in two more "practice" meets in the coming weeks. On February 20th, the El Toro All Comers Meet ( will give you an opportunity to fine tune your racing strategy and test your fitness. The 1600s start at 9:00 (arrive by 8:00) and the 800s will start approximately an hour later, although exact times will be determined by the number of entrants.

On February 27th, we'll be racing the Laguna Beach Distance Carnival ( For this event, we'll need to preregister, so please let me know if you can attend. Entry for this meet will be covered by the school's track budget and Coach Proodian asked me to remind you to please make a donation to the team.

Please see the link below for this week's training plan.

Keep running,
Coach Horton

Training Plan 2/8-14

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